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Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Bruxor Pro work?

Bruxor Pro is a custom-fitted dental guard that can help prevent teeth grinding and clenching. You can get a Bruxor Pro guard by placing an order online. We’ll send you an Oral Profile kit for you to complete and send back to us. Then we’ll use your Oral Profile to design your custom-fitted guard and ship it to you.

How do I take care of my Bruxor Pro dental guard?

Rinse off your dental guard after each use. You can brush off debris with a soft toothbrush, but don’t use toothpaste because the abrasives in it can leave microscopic scratches on your guard. Give your dental guard a thorough cleaning at least once a week using an over-the-counter cleaning product designed for dentures and other oral appliances.

Is there more than one size available?

The best part about Bruxor Pro is that each dental guard is custom-made. You won’t have to worry about ordering the correct size because your Bruxor Pro guard will be designed to fit you exactly.

Where are Bruxor Pro dental guards made?

Our dental guards are made in a California dental laboratory right here in the U.S.A.

What material are Bruxor Pro dental guards made from?

Bruxor Pro guards are made from biocompatible BPA- and latex-free medical-grade material. It is transparent in color and stain-resistant.

Unlike traditional dental guards that lose strength over time, Bruxor Pro is tough and durable without being brittle, yet is flexible and comfortable while worn.

By default, the dental guard is designed at a recommended 2 mm thickness. If you would like us change the thickness, please contact us after you place your order.

Is Bruxor Pro dual laminate?

Bruxor Pro is constructed out of a new, medica-grade material that is far superior to dual-laminate and other traditional acrylic components. It is designed to last longer than other night guards while providing excellent comfort during use.

What is the difference between Bruxor Pro and dental guards offered at the store?

Over-the-counter dental guards offered at the store are referred as 'boil and bite' and considered to be 'one size fits all.' Although they are cheaper, they are bulky, not as comfortable, and do not last as long as custom dental guards.

What is the difference between Bruxor Pro and dental guards offered by my dentist?

Bruxor Pro uses the same, if not better, medical-grade materials and dental technology as professionally made dental guards without the added cost.

Bruxor Pro saves you money by cutting out those clinical costs. We bring the best of dental guard design technology right to you, no office appointment necessary.

How often should I replace my Bruxor Pro dental guard?

As long as you take good care of it, your Bruxor Pro dental guard can last you for many years. But it also depends on the severity of your bruxing habit. If your teeth grinding habit is severe, then your dental guard will wear down much faster than if you only lightly clench your teeth.