Designed for Comfort
Bruxor is the most advanced night guard ever.
Get a Better Night's Rest
Bruxor is specifically designed to protect your teeth and smile.
Protects against nighttime teeth grinding and clenching
Prevents jaw pain, chipped teeth, and morning headaches
Works for both men and women
Thin and lightweight profile makes Bruxor easy to wear
Stays on teeth throughout the night. Bruxor won't fall out!
Safe to wear. BPA and latex free
What is Bruxism?
Bruxism, commonly referred to as teeth grinding, is a condition which a person grinds, gnashes, or clenches their jaw. If left untreated, bruxism will wear down the surfaces of your teeth and may even cause headaches and jaw pain.
Bruxor Protects your Teeth
Bruxor acts as a protective layer between your top and bottom teeth by absorbing the tension caused by night time grinding and clenching. This dispersion of force wears down your night guard rather than your enamel. Its slim and lightweight design is comfortable to wear and allows you talk and breathe through your mouth.
Custom Fit
Moldable to different mouth shape alignments and teeth sizes for a precise fit.
Protects Teeth
Prevents bruxism, TMJ, teeth grinding, and teeth clenching
Sustains normal wear and tear for 9-12 months*
Comfortable to Wear
Slim, lightweight design allows for speaking, drinking and mouth breathing
Premium Materials
Made from high quality copolymer components and is BPA and latex free.
Engineered to stay in place throughout the entire night.