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Step 1
Place Bruxor in the fitting tray, and ensure that the night guard is snug and properly positioned.
Step 2
Use a microwave to bring a cup of water to a boil. The cup should be resistant to heat to prevent burns.
Step 3
Place the fitting tray into the cup of boiled water for 90 seconds. This will soften the material.
Step 4
After 90 seconds, remove the fitting tray from the cup of hot water. Quickly dip it into a cup of tap water to remove excess heat.
Step 5
With Bruxor still in the fitting tray, place it to your upper set of teeth and bite down firmly for 30 seconds. Use a sucking action to remove any moisture from the guard.
Step 6
Place the fitting tray back into the cup of water for two minutes to set the impression. Your Bruxor has now been custom fitted!