Engineered to Protect Your Teeth
Bruxor is the most advanced night guard ever.
Providing superior comfort and effectiveness
Thermal Matrix is defined as "Engineered for Comfort". The patented design delivers a dental lab quality custom impression in the comfort of your own home. This is accomplished with a network of cells that when heated in hot water, precisely fit around each tooth for a professional grade custom fit.

This method provides excellent adhesion such that Bruxor adheres to your upper arch thereby keeping it in place while you sleep. Bruxor a Best in Class dental guard that is truly superior that is both comfortable and effective.
Custom Fit
Moldable to different mouth shape alignments and teeth sizes
Protects Teeth
Prevents bruxism, TMJ, teeth grinding, and teeth clenching
Sustains normal wear and tear for six months*
Comfortable to Wear
Slim, lightweight design allows for speaking, drinking and mouth breathing
Premium Materials
Made from high quality copolymer components and is BPA and latex free.
Ensured to stay in place throughout the entire night.
Custom Fit to Your Teeth
Bruxor uses the 'boil and bite' process to create a custom impression of your teeth for better comfort and retention while you sleep.